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Boker Stockman (Red Bone Handle)


Oct 6, 1999
I am looking into purchasing a good pocket carry multi-blade and really am leaning towards this particular blade.
Any thoughts from previous or current owners....?

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I have a few Bokers including a similar Stockman.They are great users as are most traditional patterns from Case,Bulldog,Winchester etc.You can't beat 3 sharp blades for various utility tasks.If you go with the carbon steels you will just have to be careful of rust but other then that they are all great users.
Just a thought! My personal quirk with traditional pocket knives are the shield's...Many are only glued on, which I've had to re-glue on various brand's. For me I always look for one that is pinned on, to me it is just a matter of better quality. Some that have pinned shields...Blue Grass Cutlery(many of which include the Case Classics and Winchester's),Queen,Hen&Rooster,Many of the older or stag Bulldog's just to name a few.

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I have a Boker just like this Stockman,that I have had for probably 35 years or more.It has lived in my toolbox for the last 20, and is good to go right now! The shield is missing and it could use some cleaning, but it is still a good knife. I think you would be very happy with it. Hen & Rooster and Bulldog also make some nice versions of similar patterns,but are a little higher priced.

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Another factor for me is the shield as mentioned by Kdarmy.
Quick question, are the shields on the Case knives pinned?

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On most all of the Classic's...Yes, some of the classic's are made by case and not Blue Grass Cutlery...some of these are glued in, such as the large stag gunboat(I know because I have one). The older Case knives are pinned on. We need a Case fan to get all the facts straight, but I think from 1980 on most all were glued in place. I have a 1979 Sunfish by Case and by looking inside the handle I can see where it is pinned.

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