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Boker traditional folders

I ve been after a traditional folder for a while, probably a medium stockman with bone handles, for daily carry. I had posted a couple of topics, and the case line of chrome vanadium folders was suggested. After reading the forum "buck vs case", it seems as though case folders are a bit on the delicate side. plus, the steel in the stainless knives is looked down apon. I've got a catalog with some boker folders in 440A and bone, they look nice, and i was wondering if they're worth getting. any help would be appreciated...thanks!
Nov 6, 1999
I have a Boker three-blade whittler with rosewood scales and carbon steel blades (probably 1095 tool steel). I really like it. The steel takes and hold a great edge. This knife is very solid and well constructed considering its price. I would strongly recommend any of the Boker Carbon steel traditional knives. I don't know about their stainless steel knives, but 440A is a little soft for my taste. And I have never been impressed by Case 'true-sharp Surgical Stainless' steels.