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Boker Trance - pics and small review

Nov 23, 2005
Since Doc did a good job on his review I will only provide some personal thoughts after handling this knife for a week.
Dr. Snubnose's review: http://www.bladeforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=443521

I can echo what has been said about this knife. Sharp out of the box. No, make that really sharp out of the box. Quick to open with the flipper, or very discreet to open with the thumb studs or two hands. I'm a lefty, and the holes in the scale (clip side) fit my second and baby fingers nicely when I really grab onto the handle. The grip seems sure in either hand. One-handed closing is also easy to learn.


My model has excellent lock up and very good fit and finish. I like the jimping on the finger choil and top of the blade. A bit more further back on the handle where the thumb rest might have been nice, but not a deal-breaker for me. I haven't had a chance to do any detailed cutting with it so I'm not sure of the fine control. With the nice tip on it I am fairly sure it would be good.

The clip is good for fairly deep pocket carry and is adjustable for tip-up / tip down preferences. I didn't have any worry of the knife coming out of my pocket.


I like the slight change in angles from the handle to the blade. You seem to get a bit more on top of the cut and can apply a bit more pressure if needed. I'm not practiced in any martial arts so I can't give any substantial comments on various grips. They all seem to work, looking a Zenheretic's review.


I do prefer the wider thumb studs on the SubCom folder over these round studs on the Trance. They are a little more comfortable for me if I'm opening and closing the knife a lot - restocking supplies, opening cases and cutting plastic wrap off skids.


Mahalo deeker!

Thanks for the GREAT pics and review! Hope to see you soon bro!

God bless and stay safe!:thumbup: