Boker Walter Brend - First look

I got to play with the new Boker Walter Brend
Tac Folder at the local knife shop today.
To me, the knife is a disappointment for several reasons : The overall fit and finish was OK,the fit of the thin Cobolowood scales was very precise. The blade opened a little roughly, not nearly as smooth as my BM AFCK. The liner lock engaged it right in the middle, though. The shopkeeper would probably have frowned on a spine whack test, so I skipped that. The opened blade had no side play, however. The big disappointment is the handle : It is almost exactly rectangular,
box-shaped, with only the slightest hint of a
guard for the index finger. If You have a human hand on the end of Your arm instead of a vise, this knife will probably become unpleasant to use for a longer period. Putting down a German knife feels
a little sad, but hopefully Boker will improve their
design over the next few years.

Take care,
Tobse !
Oct 4, 1998
I checked 2 of this knives (G10-handle version) today at my fav. shop.

- good looking
- smooth action
- sharp
- no blade play
- big knife (I like them

- at one of the knifes very bad fit of the scales
- no exact fit between liners and bolsters
- tool marks at the bolsters

I'm waiting for the next batch. Maybe there's on knife with better fit & finish

Have a knife day,
How much did these knives cost at thestores you checked?

Price for the G-10 version is 199 Deutschmark,the Cobolo version is 209DM. Skylands price is 62.50$ / 69.50$.
Take care,
Tobse !
Ello, i'm really interested in the brend folder but after looking at the comments, i'm actually having some doubts.... can anyone further clarify the situation? And i've tried mailing skyland many times for the brend folder and they have not reply yet. If anyone is staying close by, could you please ask them to check their mail for Thanks.

Power to the blade.
The Boker Brend is a good knife at its price point. I will be picking one up for a test drive before too long and will let you know how it works out. I would dearly love to see Boker and Brend extend this folder to a fixed blade as well. How else will most people ever get a chance to "drive" a Brend?

As a side note, I tried to have him make a fixed blade for me. His back log is so long, he isn't even taking names for a call back list right now so, I'm either looking at the for sale boards, a really long wait or, one of the LDC collaborations.


p.s. based on what I saw at the blade show with regards to Boker, I think the quality and popularity of these knives will improve once they get into the marketplace and circulate a little for more exposure to the public.
My first impression of these knives was that they looked pretty cool and military-like, a great bargain for their price, but only if the fit and finish is perfect.
I do wonder how they would feel in the hand, though, if exposed to a strenuous cutting task...