Bolo and Farm Hand Bowie reposts

Bill Siegle

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Oct 3, 2000
Got two large fun blades available :) Both are made from 1/4in 5160 and come with black Boltaron sheaths with ambi belt loops. Price includes shipping in the US. (Toxic green Jungle

Bolo is 15 1/2in overall with a 10 1/4in blade. Scales are green canvas Micarta. Weight is 17oz $350***sold***

Farm Hand Bowie. This time I wanted to stay on the large side but not too large. I went with a blade that is 1 1/2in wide. Almost a 1/2in less wide than usual for me. I’m kinda diggin it! Still more than capable for cutting and chopping but w much easier on the belt line. At 13oz you aren’t going to be weighed down. The overall length is 12 5/8in with a 7 13/16in blade tip to handle. Scales are green canvas Micarta and the blade steel is 1/4in thick 5160 with a nice ham on showing. Sheath is black Boltaron with a reversible belt loop. Price is $325***sold***
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