bolster, guard and butt materials

Mar 2, 1999
What brass, silver or stainless alloys do you use for your guards? Nickel silver, 400 or 300 series stainless, or what? Any others?

I have Koval's catalog and K&G and Texas Knifemaker's catalogs, but I'w wondering why you use what you use and if you like it.



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brass for less expensive hunters, nickel silver for more expensive knives, 416 stainless for utility type (wont tarnish) Loveless drop points, and Sterling silver or bronze for the fancy dancy ones. Bruce B
I use 303 stainless. Its OK but its not hardenable like 416.

One word of caution with nickel silver. Make SURE that the pins are the SAME nickel silver as the bolster or guard. Trust me on this one.....don't make the same STUPID mistake I did!

Maybe I need better lighting in my shop. Yeah, that's it! I need better lighting in my shop!

C Wilkins
I think there must be several variations of brass out there. The brass from the knife maker catalogs are probally your best bet for consistancy. I bought some scrap brass once and it tarnished faster than the brass I bought from Koval. CL Wilkins is right about the pins, they need to be the same material. 416 stainless and 416 pins are a great look. Thats what Nick Wheeler uses mostly. Bruce B