bolt action knifes

Feb 25, 2001
Being new to this forum, I have learned a great deal.I have one question I haven't seen here and that is bolt action verse liner lock.I have seen talk about liner lock falure and people using the spine wack to test the liner lock.Why aren't there more bolt action knifes for sale?What am I missing,Gordy
Hi Gordy, welcome to Bladeforums!

The Bolt-action lock is a mechanism patented by Blackie Collins. It's not something that any manufacturer can simply start producing because they feel like it.

The liner-lock name is trademarked by Michael Walker, but not patented. It is probably the most common lock used today in high end folding knives. I personally prefer the older-style lockbacks to liner-locks, but they are not usually one-hand opening and closing knives. But I do own several liner-locks.

The McHenry and Williams Axis lock (Benchmade knives) is a superior lock mechanism. Frame-locks (such as Chris Reeve's Sebenza design) is reported to be a very good, strong lock system. I think lock strength is overemphasized by some, but not everyone feels the same way.

Some tactically oriented fixed blade fans have even claimed that 'thou shalt not fold thy knife' was one of the Commandments God forgot to write down for us modern folks with pockets.

Our own Jim March (community and political forum moderator) started an interesting recent thread which explored the need for high strength locking mechanisms in knives. Have a look: An Open Letter to CRKT

Again, welcome to BFC. You are about to learn more about knives than you ever knew there was to learn.


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Thanks Paracelsus,I read the open letter to crkt and found it very interesting.In fact I have a Blackie collins bolt action hunter,actually three of them and the only way I could see that they could fail would be to have the spring fail that engages the locking mechanism and the fact that the knife handle is made of some kind of synthetic that probably is not as strong as a good alloy.One other thing I might as well bring up and I didn't want to was sharpening,but what I did was buy a couple of those bolt action hunters and sent one off to Edge Pro to take him up on his deal to sharpen your knife to see the difference his sharpening system can do and I was very impressed,I couldn't even come close,so that's my next purchase.Thanks,Gordy
I've had two utility bolt actions. Now down to one. Not because of poor design, actually the opposite. I carried the first for years really abusing this thing on every opportunity I had. Used at work, camping, hiking etc. Dropped, thrown, run over by car, even closed my trunk on it about six times while looking for it after a auto repair. This design never failed. What a great design.
Thanks Esav,I read the reviews on the bolt action knifes and I do own a couple of the bolt action Meyerco,Blackie Collins design and I love them,I never worry about them closing in on me.I still can't believe they don't make more knifes with that design, I figure it's just not kool enough,beats me,Gordy
I just discovered that Knife Center is carrying the new Meyerco Stingray. It apparently has a locking button which must be pushed to close the locked open blade. No name was used for this lock.

KC just began carrying Meyerco. Few dealers I regularly check do. I haven't seen the Big Rascal anywhere. Anybody know where they can be found? Does the BR have a bolt action lock?

Appreciate any help.

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