Bonsai Knife Gone BAD !

Oct 9, 2002
I originally made this style when I started, for my own woodworking kit and also for a friend who is into bonsai sculpting. This one is in stainless RWL34 although O1 wou'd be a traditional choice. The wrap seems to give it a tactical look, so thats the direction I've gone...

This one was made entirely with files and sandpaper, just for practice. What do you guys think ? Thanks. Jason.

Great knife. But I'm curious about the hole aswell. I do know that the knife is a Graving Tool and is traditionally known as a jinning chisel. It is used for sculpting the bark. It is done in the jin technique known as ‘shari’, and for sculpting the wood, in the method which is known as ‘shabamiki’.

I hate everything about it except for the hole in the blade.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! ;) Just mess'n with you Jason. I think it's really cool.

A knife that's pure function, but can do so with grace in its form....well that always gets a thumbs up from me.

And the fact you did it completely by hand is very admirable as well!

So Jason, tell us, it's bad because of the hole or it has a hole because it's bad ;) ? anyway, I like it
Thanks for the replies guys. I just realised Bladeforums is back !

The hole is for locking into a kydex sheath. Photos coming shortly...

Its bad, 'cos it started off innocently and then somewhere along the line, it developed a "tactical" streak when I wrapped it. The green paracord doesn't help... ;) Jason.
Sorry for reviving an older thread. I wanted to post the pictures of the sheath system I made. The Kydex belt loop has a snap on it so it can be attached / removed with ease from the belt, and can be rotated into just about any position. Thanks. Jason.