book on Mokume


Oct 29, 1998
I just picked up a book at lunchtime today called "Mokume Gane" by Ian Furguson. It was published in 2002 by Krause Publications in their "Jewelery Handbook" series. The ISBN number is 0-87349-901-8. The cover price for this book is $24.95.

The book gives a brief history of mokume and describes the bonding of the dissimilar metals at the atomic level. It also describes how to make mokume using the "traditional fusion-bonding" process as well as using the "solid-state diffusion bonding" process. Cleaning, alloying, rolling, and patterning process are discussed. There are also recipes for coloring and patination. There are descriptions of the various metals that can be used as well as a compatibility chart and a table giving time and temperatures for fusing. There are photos of a large number of combinations of metals. It ends with an amazing gallery of photos showning bowls, cups and jewellery made using mokume. The bibliography lists 41 other books on mokume. There is also a list of suppliers in the UK (mostly) and the US.

I found my new copy (and one other) at one of the Half-Price Books here in Houston for $11.98. Unfortunately, they do not do shipping. I was able to find some new and used copies on Amazon for similar prices.

Hope that this helps some of you guys.