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Book Wanted: Craft of the Japanese Sword

Sep 23, 1999
Howdy folks. i'm thinking about buying this book right away, but I thought I'd check to see if there is a used copy floating around out there. Better I get a book from someone who is done with it and they get some $$ than I pay retail and someone is stuck with a book they don't want anymore!

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Done with a book!!!! Who is ever done with a book? Seriously I am looking in to buying that book also. Books A Million has it cheapest so far from everyone I've checked, I think it was $24.95 from them with their discount club card.

Guy Thomas
Hey SILENT, If you got it for around $25.00 you as good as stole it. This book retails for $67.00 I believe. Igot mine from Amazon.com for $42.00 a couple years ago. I agree!! "Done with a book?" Especially this one. It is as good as claimed and better and not likely anyone that has gone to the trouble to get one will turn it loose. But you never know.

Good luck in your search CRAYOLA.

Gary Bradburn
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Yeah really, I paid $89 for my copy AND YOU CAN"T HAVE IT!!!!
Bought mine at my local Taoist Tai Chi Society. Oh and mine is signed by Yoshindo Yoshihara, nyah, nyah


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Crayola,I have that book for sale,plus two others,Japanese Swords,by Nobuo Ogasawara,and Japanese arms & armor,the last a coffee table sized book,printed 1969.Japanese Swords pub.,1972,printed in Japan.All three in vg condition,$100.00,plus frt.Email me if you are interested.