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Dec 25, 1998
I am a police officer looking for a boot knife that I could use as a backup. I like the Benchmade Nimravus but it is too big for a boot knife. I am looking for something that will be primarily defensive but with some degree of versatilty. Any suggestions?
Also lets try to keep it reasonably priced. I want this knife to be good quality but nothing I will cry about if lost.
Can it be a double edged knife?
What price won't you cry about?
Try the Gerber Guardian, not too expensive,
not a bad knife either.

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Two thoughts: CS Culloden or CRKT Sealtac Vector.

Try the Camillus small or medium size Boot Knife with multicarry kydex sheath.
I have an EK bootknife that is compact and well-made.
I'm not sure what the going price would be.
Just remember, a boot is no place to keep a bootknife.

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I' ll second the Gerber Guardian backup. It has a tension adjustable zytel(?) sheath that has a metal clip for "normal" or inverted carry. With a ball chain or paracord, it can easily be converted to neck carry. Also, the price is right.


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Think about the Cold Steel Kobun. 5" tanto blade, with a decent Kydex sheath you can tuck IWB, though mediocre for actually putting in a boot (which is a lousy place for a knife anyway). I've seen them for around $50.
I would give the REKAT Fang, 6 overall with skeleton handle and muticarry Kydex Sheath for 55$. For custom i would recomend the Bill Maynard neck knife. IT comes with a Kydex sheath and can rqst to produce a belt carry sheath as well for a couple of dollars more. Check it out at for 100$.
I have about decided to go with a neck knife that has a multicarry sheath. I think this would be about the right size and alot more versatile.
If you're considering a REKAT Fang, shop around a bit & you should be able to pick one up for about 1/2 of retail.

I think the neck knife is a good idea, especially if you want something more versatile, but I don't think you can ever have too much backup. Think about adding a CS defender or for more versatility an Outdoor Edge white tail skinner or Game Skinner. The OE horizontal sheaths work well for small of the back carry.


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