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Boot Knife

Nov 18, 2006
Does anybody here know of any good boot knives for under $150. I would like maybe a 4.5-5" blade, double edge, doesnt matter what kind of sheath just not anything cheesy. Maybe black knife? I love the Gerber Mark I but they dont make that anymore so. I would also like it to hold a good edge and have a decent tip breakage point.
The Kershaw is a nice knife but the sheath is ridiculous. The blade is single-edged and 4". I am very impressed with the edge on mine.

The Sting is great but a bit short. The sheath is so bad it's dangerous. Get a replacement from Normark if you want to carry it.

The Fallkniven Garm would be ideal but I'm afraid the blade is under 4". :(
Camillus CQB-jr. on ebay. Just a smaller CQB-1. Extreme ratio-shrapnel. For way cheaper like around 50 get the Cold Steel-Kubon, or Desparado, or Brave Heart. K-Bar makes an Ankle knife, TDI. I have the regular TDI and I took the belt loop off and I put it in my boot between the toung and laces, I lace through the holes in the sheath so it stays in place, and just the handle sticks out. I also do that same thing with a S.O.G Seal pup, just take the belt clip off that too and use the holes in the sheath. OH YEAH!!! I forgot besides the TDI my favorite knife to do that with is the benchmade Instigator by Snody. That knife is awesome to do that with because it's so flat, you can't feel it at all. You stuff it down and lace in place and the hole in the handle sticks out perfectly to grab.Same thing with the Becker Necker.
The boot knife as a short double-edged dagger is specialized as a weapon, period. Collections or self-defense. Not much use in spending a lot of money on fancy steel and expensive construction to stab and run.
The CS Kobun is a good working knife as well - I haven't used the safekeeper or peacekeeper, but I do have the Kobun and like it a lot. Thin, lightweight, great edge, solid, and it has a decent sheath. Its a tanto (you said double edged) but I would still strongly consider this knife.
I like the looks of the CRKT and the S & W but they are cheap and i don't want to buy a cheap knife that cant hold an edge to work with. Both are made from 1050 carbon, if thats any good. I like the looks of the S & W better than the CRKT though. I wish i could get my hands on a Gerber Mark I. My uncle has the mark I and my grandfather just got a kershaw military so after seeing and handling both of those on christmas i just had to go get my own.
The CRKT will hold an edge through some heavy work. It's also a classic design -- the original runs are worth $100s.
but werent the originals folders? Yeah, i would like this knife to be for self protection/work, mainly cutting boxes and fishing line, not carving or prying. Maybe some metal to metal contact. Which holds an edge better/holds up better? The S & W looks like more of the design of the mark I while the CRKT looks like a light simple knife. I like the heavier knives but if im going to be lugging it around on the inside of my leg sometimes i dont want to have a heavy knife.
The RAT3 isalso well suited for a boot knife, however carrying it in the boot would make it less accessible for everyday tasks. The price is also a little more than Iwould spend on a throw away knife.
Suzuki, I have no idea what the S&W looks like. I'm not generally impressed with their knives. The Sting was originally the same format as the current CRKT model, but made in several variants, some of which had overlays on the handle.

There is a folding Sting, but that just came out. A.G.Russell may have had it made by Camillus, since it looks a lot like a miniature CUDA Maxx. He also has an almost identical knife but with a single-edged blade. Both of them are very cool.

The CRKT Sting is a solid, heavy single piece of steel.
Edit: Just put it on the kitchen scale. The Sting is 4 oz. and Normark's sheath is 2 oz. more.
So you would recommend the CRKT over the S & W? Is the CRKT's performance in line with the gerber mark I or better, worse? I guess all i want is a durable boot knife that i can keep on me for a long time, i change up knives all the time lol and i kinda just want one of those knives that you can keep with you for a long long time and i have chosen to do that with a boot knife. I need something that is strong like a ka bar, holds an edge long with whatever i need to throw at it and is just an all around good knife.
I have a futy boot knife, which i'm pretty sure is the same thing as the Smith HRT with out the smith name, the Gerber Guardian and the CKRT Sting.

Theres no contest, the Guardian wins hands down.
the fury cost about 10 dollars, Feels ok in your hand, but the blade steel and the overall quality of the knife just isnt up to par.
And the CRKT, fine blade steel, just terrible ergonomics for me. It has a fat little handle made of solid steel, so its got so balance what so ever

The guardian on the other hand is a beautiful well made and balanced knife.
Gerber marks 1s (the smaller one?) are nice if you feel like searching the secondary market. Also the gerber command 1 is similar. The gerber gaurdian is smaller but has a great sheath. I like the sog pentagon but wish it had more gaurd. The "mini" pentagon does. I had a cs safemaker1 and it was a good knife for the price. Camilus (sp) made some blakened, more classic styled boot knives too in different lenghts I think. So did Remington. You'd have to check around for one thought, but the price seemed fair enough.