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Oct 14, 2005
i need a pair of boots that go up about mid shin and can be worn day to day and be worn camping and outher outdoor things and will last a while for about 50 dollars with no camo please and i d like themto be black leather and waterproof
You ask an awful lot from a $50 boot. Double the money and you'll be close. Of course, I am no boot expert, but I gave much more for my Danners and my Rockeys.
Not sure those exist at that price. I gave away my last pair of 8" high
Red Wings as I hardly ever wore them -- didn't want the extra weight -- and those weren't even shin high. I see some shin-high boots here in Texas for wearing in snake country but they don't look too comfortable for walking or wearing around. Check Cabella's and you might find something close. Black leather implies military style. Waterproof -- well, if you treat leather boots appropriately with NikWax or SnowSeal or your favorite water repellent remedy you can approximate water proof, but it's unlikely to be truly 'proof' and will require periodic applications.
$50 *is* kind of low for what all you want, but you might try some of the Web retailers that have good return policies and service and sell discontinued (but not "second") models at pretty low prices.

I've had great customer service AND excellent deals from Brigade Quartermasters and Sportsman's Guide. If there's a Red Wing outlet near you, that would be a good place to look. Finally, Wal-Mart has started carrying some surprisingly sturdy-looking boots that are relatively cheap.
i use mink oil.

you might be able to find black combat boots at a surplus store. if 8" isn't high enough, look for gaiters. probably won't use them every day, but they should get you by in the woods. a hunter friend of mine wore them when he went hunting in the scrub in florida as protection from rattlesnakes and such.
second hand german paratrooper boots from army surplus used to last me about a year, continual usage. The quality has lowered in the last few years, though.
well i atleast want waterproof mid shin boots no camo and i had price low because ill out grow them im 15 so i got a budget
I don't know where you are located, but in many cities, cobblers still exist. Boot and shoe repair shops frequently sell repaired used boots in excellent shape for just what the deadbeat customer owed them. I can certainly understand the budget thing, and the growing out of boots before they are worn out. Good luck in your quest. Be sure to fumigate any used footwear you buy. The guys in the shoe repair shop will know how and may do it for free if they haven't done it already.

If you ebay then use "Belleville boots" as your search word. I don't know about the black leather ones but the cold/wet desert (Goretex) and the hot desert boots are very comfortable and cheap. You may find a used pair for much less than $50.00. Good luck!
I use these and love them. I find they are best for spring and early fall. They are not black, but come up to mid-shin on me. In reading your original post, the only downside to these babies is the "day-to-day" wear. I don't know if that is possible in your price range. Anyway, why would you wear the same boots day in and day out? Is it possible to have a "do everything under the sun boot" :confused:

Best option in that price range are the standard issue black leather Army boots. Now that we've gone to suede/brown boots, there's going to be a ton of surplus/new black boots hitting the pawn shops and surplus stores. I would take a look in your area first. Personally, I would prefer leather boots without gore-tex, just treat with beeswax and they will be more than sufficient.

I understand we are all on a budget but you may want to consider looking into the other end of the spectrum of the price scale. I have bought cheap shoes once or twice and have always regretted it.I have several pairs of sneakers that I wear occasionally but now I wear boots from west coast shoe co. in oregon. Yes,they are very expensive.Yes,they are worth every cent and more.I got mine with the nautilus leather and they have done everything I have asked and more I have worn them almost every day for the lasttherr years and the comfort cannot be matched by any other pair of shoes I own. I war them to work ,on my bike,camping ,horseriding hunting,etc. I have even worn them to an informal wedding.they look good last a long time and are can be rebuilt.they are also available in various heights(I have a 10 inch and an 18 inch pair)if you look into them get the custom fitted ones,well worth the extra 30.00. sorry for the long post and not trying to hijack your thread
i went out and tryed on boots all over and i found a pair i like lace up all the way and come up mid shin and are black but i have to waterproof them and i only need to save up like 25 more dollars but they seem like mall ninja esqe they are magnum stealth 2's
The best pair of boots I've ever bought for outdoor use are Danner Elk Hunters from Cabelas but they can't be had for 50 bucks.:D I suggest checking out The Sportsmen's Guide. They've always got name brand boots at great prices.
My WalMart Brahma (sp) boots have been good to me at work (around drill rigs, coal mining, construction jobs, etc.) $30 or $40 (I forget). Can't hike in them though - they're too tall to allow good movement and don't have hiking soles.

Danner makes good all-leather hiking boots, for about $200.