bos heat treat on all buck knives?

Dec 9, 2007
hi i was wondering if there is a bos heat treat on all bucks or is it jsut the ones that are stamped. i have seen some with and without. the knives in question mostly are, the 119 special and the buck strider sbmf 889
May 6, 2004
this ois one of thoes questins some are not sure of.
it is my understanding that ALL usa buck blades are
Bos Heet Treeted
that it is only the s30v and a few other blades that are stamped withthe flame logo..
a few other fixed as spechel mods get the stamp
i belive most steels are not so touchy as others in the heet treet
as a btw: you as a blade maker can send your blade to
buck and bos and get your blades heat treated by the master steel cook
Jun 23, 2000
Hi Paul here: The only blades that Buck puts my stamp on are the 154-CM, S-30-V ATS-34 and any other spec. Stls. on these Materials I set up the prcedures for and sample R/C check blades out of every order. The only 420-HC blades that I have my Logo on is the 890 Tactical. These blades being tactical need the heat treatment changed a little to stand up to hard use. Hope this answers your questions. PB.
Aug 14, 2006
All my bg-42 blades have the flame with bos logo,all i know is with diamond hones i get the edge i want every time,and the buggers stay sharp and don't chip out under heavy useage.Somebody knows something a lot of other heat treaters don't ,alot of the bg-42 from others never compare to bucks' bg-42 and i find it very brittle.