Both SMOGs and black DC GW


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Jan 31, 2006
Okay, finally decided to break up the pair of SMOGs, so don't blame me if you get one that then suffers from separation anxiety. I am also adding a black canvass micarta dc GW. All new, never used, carried, etc. So...

1. Plain edge SMOG, satin finish, lets try $305 shipped CONUS. SOLD

2. Serrated SMOG, double cut, also $310 shipped CONUS. SPF

3. Black canvass Game Warden, double cut, $260. SPF

Payment by MO preferred. Please add 3.5% for PP. No trades at this time.
Gatorzingo, I have you as second on the black d/c, and Grumpy, you have the serrated!
Jim (Gatorzingo), I am going to send you a PM in a second.

Grumpy, could you please shoot me an e-mail since I can't send you one?