Bought my 4th Spyderco Today!

Aug 30, 2002
Well I bought my 4th Spydie today. I finally broke down and got one of the Natives from Wal-Mart. WOW... Love this knife! I was a little weary about all of the "if you can find a good one" talk, but damn this is a well made blade. I like it so much I'm mad at myself for not picking one up sooner. The funny part about buying it was the woman at the counter after ringing it up said, "Forty dollars? Jeeze that’s an expensive knife!" Sigh...As bad as I wanted to explain to her what a great deal it is, and school her on blade steels, I just smiled and said "Yep..."
The Native was my first Spyderco. I paid 470 for mine. It is an excellent bargain at $40!!

Enjoy it, Ron