Bought Spyderco Tri-Angle sharpener. My goodness, amazing

Jun 19, 2007
Went out this eve and bought a Spyderco model 204 tri-angle sharpener with those nifty synthetic sapphire rods.

Watched the DVD included couple of times, sharpened my Endura, WOW, frigging wow.

And all these years ive been using a flat stone. I paid $60 for it, im sure I could get it elsewhere cheaper, but what the hell….

I LITERALLY SHARPENED 18 KNIVES tonight....... (my wrist is sore as hell now).

I even sharpened all my NEW unused knives, now theyre all MUCH SHARPER

I did a cold steel TAI PAN double bladed long dagger, it was sharp and 100% new to begin with..... I sharpened ONE edge of it and compared to the other, bloody hell………MUCH sharper.

I sharpened 6 spydercos tonight, and 3 GLOCK knives, 4 cold steel knives…..and various other knives.

….including my DULL swiss army knife, which is NOT any longer dull!!!!!

Frigging amazing.

******It has two flaws however, it needs no-slip pads on bottom of unit, which I already glued on myself using pot-holder pads cut up.....

And the cover doesn’t lock down at ALL when you pack it up, so I got a case to stick it all in, otherwise it all falls apart and the rods can fall out easy.

Still, damn nice
Sep 4, 2005
Yes, the Sharpmaker is pretty sweet. Odd that the cover falls off though. Mine locks down nice and tight. Are you sure you are snapping it down all the way?