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Your question is a bit vague.Factory Bowie?Handmade Bowie? Price range? Size? etc.
I am looking for a large bowie and if it happens to be handmade great. Is there any good factory bowie? My price range is, I am willing to spend what I need to, but there is a limit. Fantasy knives, I guess I would have to see it to know if I like it or not. Thanks
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Welcome to the Forums. If you are interested in Bowie Knives, then you might visit my Web-site. I offer 2 styles, a Texas, and a Ranger Saddle Bowie. Both custom made.
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I have collected factory Bowies for some time and the best that I have found, but it is a fighter, not a large camp knife, is the Ontario production version of the Bill Bagwell Hells Belle. Look here: and then go to production knives and then to Ontario, you'll find them. Russell occasionally has a great sale price on them, otherwise, look around and you'll find prices around $200 or so for the Hell Belle. Bill also make them by hand and I am told that they simply have to be seen and held to be believed.

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There are lots of bowies out there. Some are designed mainly for fighting, while others are more "multi-use" knives. I prefer the Cold Steel "Trailmaster" above all others. Check out the sites below:

Just shop around before buying one. There are better prices than the maunfacturers' prices. In fact, you may want to check out some of the dealers that advertise here at JRF.

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In a production Bowie I'll vote for the CS "Trailmaster"
Here's mine,

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I have just gotten into customs knives and my first custom Bowie I got from Max Burnett of OGG Custom Knives, which he made from my drawings. If you go here there is a thread about one of Max's recent Bowies.

Or you can click on my PhotoPoint link below, go to "My Knives" and see the one he made for me. He gives you one heck of a knife for the money.

My suggestion decide on how much you are willing to spend first? Then decide if this will be your one and only Bowie or the start of a collection? Think about why you really want a Bowie? Is it just for display or are you looking a knife to use or as a fighter? These questions should help you narrow down your selections from all the great Bowies that are out there.

Good luck in your search.

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I have never understood the love affair for the CS Trailmaster Bowie. I have one in Carbon V with a Moran edge that I bought when they first came out and I have never liked it. I tried it out a few times on camp outs and it just didn't work for me. I guess that it's those last two words in the last sentence that are important, "for me". My Randall 6" Hunters' Bowie will do everything that I want done and do it better, and at a manufacturer's list of about the same.

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Nice stag Trailmaster PhilL. Looks just like mine, only mine has been Lameyized. I had Matt Lamey reprofile mine to where it now is a thinner edged, wicked slicing and dicing machine! He even sharpened and brought the back edge back a little more.

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Check out and click John Fitch page. He makes some great looking bowie blades. Presently I believe he has ABS Journeyman status.

I have had the priviledge of holding one but I not been able to purchase. Kevin at "The Edge" is great to work with too.

Have a good weekend. Gary