Bowie~s Hammer_in

Apr 15, 2002

I would like to give a special thanks to all that attended the bowie hammer-in this year and your support .
We had a number of people from all over the country , John Moore being the furtherist away from central Nebraska,Thanks John . we had about 14 states Reppresented here this year .
We also Had three to pass their journeyman proformance Test for The A.B.S.this year under the Mastersmith SAVA DAMLOVAE ,they were Larry kemp of Tn. Mike Garner --Ark. Jimmy hyde -- Ga,
Needless to say we as all were very proud for them to have taken this step . we cant wait to see their knves in Atlanta Ga. for the next step , congradulations.
Thanks Guys for testing here . Also all that demonstrated here ` Sava ms. Richard Williams forge Master, Larry Harly JS, Lin Landrum JS, Allen Longmire , Chuck Robenson ,Wess Byrd, Jerry VanEizenga,Mark Zalesky Knife World .
This years cutting contest was a lot of fun we had about 10 to enter and they were tough , but winners were 1st place Burt foster Ms Tn., , Tracy Dotson Fla 2nd place , they were 3 tied for 3rd place so we had to have have a rope cut off to get the third place winner which were Wes Byrd J.S.Tn.,
A good job was done by Lin Landrum and Bill wiggins for setting up the cutting contest and the events in it .
the Iron -in the Hat was great ,lots of stuff to place tickets on some realy nice knives as well . a kevin Davey Damascus Dagger and a Sava -Ms, push dagger and lots of really great supplies and other knife related iitems .thanks for the donations guys .
Vendors were here this year and with the look of things they seemed to be busy .Rade Hawkins, Darren Ellis, Rob Frink Shawn Sauls .thanks to you guys for setting up here and letting us get a few things we needed i know thats a lot of work ,
we also had a Anvil Shoot, comliments of Jimmy Hyde and Tim Ryan it was a Special treat immediatly followed by the best sound in the world from the music of Josh Blount on the Bag pipes starting even befor the anvil hit the ground , teary eyes abound with Amazing Grace being played ,A memory for ever ,

i want to tell all that it was a great plasure to have had the oppertunity to make new friend and to see old friend again ,And to let you that could not make it this year that we turly missed you .

hope to see you all here next year

Daniel Koster
Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Oct 18, 2001
wow.....sounds like a great time! how'd I miss it?
Jan 18, 2004
I'm sure going to try and attend next year Ron, It's pretty neat you and your better half sponsering all of this for the group! I know everyone ennjoyed every minute of it.
Jul 14, 2004
I'd like to again put my .02 in on the event, but first, thanks again Ron!

I'm a rank beginner, haven't made a knife yet and have been lurking around the boards, reading, learning all I can from books. I was encouraged by several members of the forum to attend the event and BOY am I hooked now! Ron was a super host, the demo's were fantastic! I spent quite a bit of time saturday watching Wes teach two guys, one learning by making a leaf form, and the other learning how to make a bearded hawk head! How cool was that! Wes was super friendly and went out of his way to explain what they were doing. His talk on what makes a "quality" knife in the eyes of an ABS JS jury was really interesting, it really helped me underatandd the "little details" and I took copious notes on that (already thinking two years ahead or so... :) ) Ron did a super class on silver wire inlay and I'm ready to start working on that! Thanks again Ron! The Iron in the hat was super, I had beginners luck and walked away with so much handle material that it took three trips to the Jeep just to load it up! I also ended up with three large (20"?) sawmill blades to use for knife blade material, I'll bet they are L6!

Needless to say I am HOOKED (much to my wife's chargrin!), I'm saving my "coins" for a grinder, and really want to get started making stock removal knives. I hooked up with Larry Kemp, and you can bet that I'll be asking to visit his shop when he is forging! The entire weekend was a blast, you can bet I'll be there next year and with knives to show off too!

Mike Roesch