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Mar 6, 2001
hi, first time posting on HI forums, just wanted to ask you all about the birgorka bowie, and ask mr martino if they make those lovely looking knives any bigger, i.e 18" or thereabouts overall length, giving 12- 14"blade. i want something that will take everything i throw at it, and laugh in my face - "chopping rocks? call that abuse!?"

Does the bowie grow if asked for, or does one size fit all?
...Sincerely! welcome to the Cantina leonc
Leon welcome to the Cantina!!!!

The standard H.I.Ang Khola Bowie isn't a "little" knife by most standards although it s a little knife to us who are used to having the H.I.Khukuri's around.

The very First H.I.AK Bowie that was made, which I proudly have in my collection, is 16" over all length with a blade 10" long and from 2 1/4" to 2 7/16" wide.
It is a bit over 7/16" thick and weighs 2 3/8 Lbs.!!!!

On a test that was done with some forumites that don't hang out here in the Cantina the H.I.AK Bowie successfully cut a 5/16" ,(I believe it was 5/16", perhaps 3/8" but I have forgotten which and am too lazy to go and find the post
carriage bolt in two with little damage to the blade.
This was done using a vice to push the blade through the bolt.
It impacted the blade just a little and with a bit of work with a chakma I had along I brought it back to where the damage wasn't there.
The blade was also Scary, Full Body Shiver, Sharp!!!!
I didn't compare it to the other knives present in a chopping test since it would have put the others to shame anyway and so there was no point in it.

Richard, one of the guys who brought a couple of old beaters to the test had nothing but praise for the
H.I.AK Bowie!!!

It has been quite some time since the test was done and just now when I retrieved the knife from its residence to measure it I found it just as sharp as the day I put it away after the testing.

I wouldn't chop rocks with mine, but I know it will take almost any treatment and will come back for more.
It is definitely an "In Your Face" Bowie.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
The H.I. bowie does not chop as well as a similar size and weight khukuri. Depending on what you want it for a khukuri might be better.

I too would not chop rocks with them.


I hope to make a model that sounds about like what you're looking for, sometime in the next few months. I have recently come to the decision to make the spirit quest I've wanted to take for years. I'd like to take a knife with me. I'll call it
"Big Medicine".
No, this is a very recent decision, but I am open- indeed, would appreciate any suggestions the forum members would care to give me. I know that I have made real strides on my spiritual progress in the last 3 years. (Maybe I was making them my whole life, and the fruit just began to show? I dunno.) In any case, I figure that soon, at a hale 29, and with a decent income and no significant other to plan around, would be a suitable time to do this.

If anyone has suggestions they are not comfortable posting in this forum, please email me.

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I like the Bowie THAT NDN,has made a model of & is "just sitting on it! It is to me an ideal Bowie! Darn,talented,mean NDN why
he won't send I i'll never know, except he's a darn perfectionest!"None" of his models are good enough(to him)drives me "NUTS"!

Tsimi the better the model the better the knife in steel.

And hopefully the model will be finished about the time the kami's of BirGhorka really have time to duplicate it.
Uncle Bill has said numerous times that the factory needs to get caught up on khukuris.
I am anxious to get the model completed to my satisfaction too.

Hopefully it will come out as nice as the YCS did.
I'm a little concerned about the kamis getting the thickness of the blade to match the model.
The blade will be distal tapered and quite thin at the point.
And if it turns out okay it should be a well balanced Bowie, but it won't be able to take the abuse that our khukuri's do.
Although it will be fairly thick at the guard it dayumed sure won't be a sharpened pry bar.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Leonc,having just read your posting, I've just received one of Uncle Bill's AK Bowie's and it is the finest Bowie that I've ever seen and everyone who's seen it so far wants one. I certainly wouldn't want to carry one round that's much bigger and I'm sure that once you've handled one you won't want to put it down! The fit and finish is second to none and it's a nice touch that each bowie is signed by the kami who made it (mine's by Sanu). To have something that is hand made and hand finished with loving care is a rarity in this day and age, so if I were you, I'd go ahead and order one - you won't be disappointed! Regards, Nick.
RevNick, if you are the one who lost his wife a while back ( I apologise for bringing it up either way ) I hope the peace and joy is returning and God continues to find a way to lead and use you.

As Henri JM Nouwen put it, like the Communion elements we are Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given.

To experience the brokeness and then be given to strenghten another who needs healing and sustenance is to live a miracle.