Boy Scout Knives


Jan 6, 1999
Does anyone have any info on Boy Scout knives? I recently found one, and It seems to be in good condition, Has 5 or 6 blades and a hook on the end of the bolster It is made by Ulster. Any info would be helpful.
Thanks in advance
Levine's 4th edition has 6 pages of information on scout knives. There are eight different Ulster boy scout knives listed. There is only one with 5 blades, none with six. The 5 bladed knife is listed as 3 5/8" white plastic w/Phillips screwdriver. The BSA# is 1046 and value is $20. It looks like all the Ulster knives have the hook on the end of the bolster.

You may have one which isn't in Levine's Guide, in which case another guide might have it listed.

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Thanks for the reply, After looking at it closer, I realized that it has only 4 blades. A main blade, a can opener, a bottle opener w/ flat head screw driver, and a small Awl like blade. Thanks,
Brian Huber
In that case:

There are several with 4 blades. The Ulster U.S.A. is described as 3 5/8" standard with BSA# 1996 - value is $20.

There is an Ulster Knife brand with 4 blades described as 3 5/8" genuine pearl which is worth $450 in mint condition (boy would I like to have one of those).

There are also 2 other 4 bladers called Ulster Dwight Devine (brand). One is 3 5/8" bone with Mfrs Model # 47553L5, BSA# 1502 - value $75. The other Ulster Dwight Devine (brand) is 3 3/8" junior size with Mfrs Model# 47488L5, BSA# 1503 - value $75.

Hope one of those hits the mark.