Boye Basic 3

Oct 6, 2000
I am considering purchasing a Boye Basic 3. I like the idea of adding a cast knife to my "collection". Anyone have any helpful experiences with Boye (quality, edge, customer service etc)? Thanks.
I'll chime in with the normal "try using a search on this forum and testing forum".

That being said I owned a Basic 3, still own a cobalt dive Basic 3, and a Basic 1.

My opinion is they're nice, cut well except for when the thick blade profile will bind against what is being cut. The cast handle makes them somewhat less comfortable than knives with other kinds of grips.

Shop around, Boye knives from Boye are 2X price from other sources.

I've had the Basic 1, 2 and the 3. Kept the 3 and use it for leather work, exceptional blade for me.

I've taken and sharpened the blade so it has a Moran style convex edge and WOW does it push cut through material very easy.

The handle is slight and thin but it was designed this way so it is a Basic model and very easy to clean and maintain.

I've taken the 1 and 2 and have cordwrapped the handle with some StingRay skin inserted in the channel.
Here is one that I did for the Basic 1 model.



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Well I own one, so I guess that says something. At least one person thinks they are worth the price.

The blade is very stout and strong but goes to an edge that is very sharp. My only dislike about the B3 blade is its width from edge to spine. This makes it a less than wonderful paring knife. It works extremely well for hard cutting though.

The bare handle sucks in my humble opinion. It is slippery, and its I-beam shape can be uncomfortable to boot. Wrap some parachute cord around it though, and it becomes quite useable. The down side is that you then have to get a new sheath made for it because it won't fit in the one from Boye with cord wrapped around the handle.

In the final analysis, with the handle cord wrapped, and a Mike Sastra Concealex sheath, the B3 is a strong, great cutting, excellent urban tactical in the style of say a Stryder knife, but prettier. Mine has a nice bamboo pattern etched into the blade.
I purchased a 1,2 and 3 for my wife, but she's never used them. I can give anyone a good price on these. I think a Cobalt 3 is in
my future for use on my boat in salt water.

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