Boye Basic Question

Oct 13, 1998
I have a Boye Basic III, the largest of the three. I was looking at a picture of in over the internet to see something about the specs, and I noticed something odd: on mine, the guard protrudes about .25" lower than the drop of the blade, but on any of the pictures I saw on the internet, there is no drop. Is this a change in desing, or just an oddity?
I have one of each of the Boye Basics, and I've noticed the same thing. I use mine for general utility and some kitchen work, so I got the version without the protrusion for cutting board work. I've actually seen the two side by side and couldn't figure it out. The rear portion of the guard has the sharpening angle ground into it as a guide, so I'm not sure how the model with the protrusion would work in this respect.

You're not alone being curious about this, I'm starting to wonder myself now. It's not the cobalt dive model, is it?
It was on sale for $50 at the local store, but they didn't know anything about it. It has the name Boye engraved into the blade, not printed on if that makes any difference. I don't think it's Co only because it sticks to a magnet. I was going to sharpen it until I noticed the lack of angle, and the difficulty in sharpening the last half inch. I'll hold out until I know more.
I have seen that, and I always thought it was the Cobalt dive knives tool. I will give the David Boye Knives Gallery a call, we are in the same area code.

$50 is in the correct range for the standard dendritic steel knives. Cobalts are about twice that, at least the last time I priced them. If you got the cobalt model for only $50, you got quite a deal on that lil' bugger! I'd be interested to hear what Boye says as well.
I talked to Dave Larstein at the David Boye knives gallery, and he said there is a model called a Basic Hunter. It is made from the same mold as the Basic III, but has the edge ground up about 3/16 or so to give a slightly narrower blade, and that forms the guard. It is made of BDS, not Cobalt.