Boye BasicI as keychain knife?


Jun 27, 1999
I decided i want to get a small fixed-blade knife to attach to my keychain-mostly so i could have a blade that is fairly secure, yet easily-accessible while in car.
I was thinking maybe a neck knife would be good for this, or maybe one of the smaller boye basics?
does anyone have any experience using any of the Boye Basics as neckknives or for pocket-carry?
or does anyone have any other suggestions for keychain knives?
I think the basic one would make a great keychain knife, but you would have to make a little kydex slip sheath for it. It comes with a pouch type sheath that covers the handle. The basic II would make a great pocket knife, again, you would need to make an appropriate sheath for it.

The smallest Boye Basic, the Basic I,has a blade length of 2.25" and a overall length of 5" I feel this is a little long for a keychain knife. I wear mine as a neck knife for outdoors. I sometimes wear it on my belt. The sheath is black webbing with a velcro flap. The nice part is that it is configured for horizontal carry, and can be worn while in the vehicle with good access ability. All in all I think its a pretty nice knife. You can get a pretty good from deal from "discount knives on the internet" I hope this helps.
i figured i would have to get a sheath made for it, but i also have a couple other knives i want to get sheathes made for, so ill probabally just get a couple done at once.
maybe ill see about trying to learn how to make kydex sheaths as well.

i dont think the size would be a problem, i tend to wear clothing with fairly large pockets, and something in the 5-7" OAL range will keep it upright, and easy to access while in the pocket.

thanks for the info, i appreciate the input.
Holy triply posts Batman!

I think a Basic 1 as a keychain knife is a little much. The size is good, but the problem is the knife doesn't fold into something smaller when you aren't using it. If you wanta fixe dblade I would look at the Coldsteel keychain knives, I think they are called like the "Para-Edge" series or something. For a folder, I would go directly to the Spyderco page at "The Knife Center Of The Internet" and look at the various keychain knives they have to offer. If you want something that can be deployed (taken OFF of the keychain completely) quicker than a small knife with a ring hole, look at the Spyderco Remote Release knife. It has a clipping device tip side when the fnife is closed. There is another, identidcal knife that has the device at the pivot end; Whichever suits you I guess.

If you NEED a neck-knife, go check out that little knife that is on Newt Livesays page. It is like the first one under his pulldown menu. The blade has a notch that locks into the handle, and the entire piece is very small and slim in profile; That might make a good keychain knife.I hope this helps.

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I just got the new A.G. Russell catalogue in the mail today...if you're looking for a small fixed-blade for a key chain or light belt knife they have a couple nice choices in there. The Mammoth Ivory handled "Slinter Picker" caught my eye (5 3/4" OA).