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Boye BDC Folder

Oct 4, 1998
I know that this one has been discussed some lately, but I just wanted to add a few comments. I've been carrying one of David Boye's stock dendritic cobalt folders for a few months now and I am very impressed. I got it primarily because I found a good price for one and I was interested in trying an alloy blade. It's absolutely become one of my favorite carries. It cuts cardboard and other soft material better than any knife I've tried. I've heard that the real bonus to the cobalt alloys is that they hold an edge forever. I haven't bothered to test that theory, but what I do like is the ease with which it is re-sharpened to a nice gritty, micro-serrated edge that really bites. The customized versions with wood handles are gorgeous, but the stock zytel doesn't inhibit the cutting ability one bit. Well worth a look IMO.

I have a Talonite fixed blade due in the next week or two. If this is an indication of the type of performance I can expect I will be very pleased.


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I have both the Dendretic steel and cobalt versions. Both cut like the dickens and do seem to stay sharp longer. I noticed that the Cobalt does not feel as sharp as the steel. I see this on my Talonite blades too, must be me...
Hey Fish -- any chance I know one of those knives?

I noticed that Talonite doesn't seem to take that super-shavin' edge like steel. It just takes a plain ol' good edge and keeps it. Kinda like a ceramic knife but not as brittle.

Clay Fleischer
AKTI Member A000847
Clay :

I noticed that Talonite doesn't seem to take that super-shavin' edge like steel.

What are you using to sharpen it and what exactly does shaving sharp mean to you. When I got the MEUK from Allen it was what I would call scraping sharp meaning I had to use a bit of a slicing motion and some downward pressure to remove hair from my arm. However with a few strokes on a ceramic rod (after much cutting) it would now shave with no slicing motion and little or no pressure. This is what I would call push shaving sharp. But it would still not catch hairs when raised off of my arm - then again I can't do that very well on steel knives unless using a guide. I think I'll take out the Edge Pro and see what kind of a polish I can put on the Talonite.

Cliff, I am eagerly awaiting my Allen Blades! I ordered a Tadpole and asked Allen to stretch it a tad. Same thing with my MEUK. Both are in Talonite!