Boyer Blades

I personally do not have any experience with these knives, but admire the designs. I also think that a custom knife for under $200 is one heck of a deal. And he uses a time proven steel. If you like the designs go with it.
I bought a tanto from Mark a couple of years ago. I would rate his fit and finish as good. The micarta handle slabs came with some too sharp corners that I had to sand off myself. His blades are great. Lots of cut for the buck. They take a razor edge easily, are very tough, and hold the edge reasonably well. His kydex work at that time was good also, the sheath fit the knife well, but the belt attachments weren't perfectly worked out. Based on his multi-carry system, he has come a long way since then. Great working knives.


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Yeah, I do like the looks of them. It's better to know they are also decent in the hand. Thanks for the feedback.