Bradburn NK1 variation short review

I had seen one of Gary's tantos for sale on bladeauction, considered bidding and passed due to low cash flow. Just before Christmas, Eric Wong (forumite from Malaysia) was looking to sell that tanto and I decided to get it at that point.

After having that blade for a while, really liking the security of cord wrapping and the overall feel of the blade and being impressed with his work, I got in touch with Gary.

I was looking for a small flat neck knife, with a hi blade to handle ratio (why settle for less than you can get with a folder). Close to his NK1 neck knife, but w/ a longer blade and smaller handle.
After some email back and forth- Gary was very good about this he sent me the dimensions of the blade and we decided on 1/8 stock M2 steel- edge retention and sharpness, polished full flat grind with distal taper blade (my tanto is bead blasted), black cord wrapping (shows less dirt), red snake skin handle wrap ( a little color to my knife collection), thumb grooves, concelex neck and MCS sheath (The multi-carry sheath system can be carried a minimum of nine different ways, including inverted in the neck knife mode , or hanging inverted in inside jacket pocket or vest armhole, or in a boot top. Also several ways of carrying horizontally or vertically on the belt).

I have had the blade less than 24 hours so I'll have to follow up w/ a more thorough review after I have it for a while.
First impressions- just what I was looking for- thin, lightweight, easy to carry, and sharp. Fits the hand just like a wanted to- the butt sits securely in my palm (I don't have large hands, so it may be small for others) allowing for secure thrusts, thumb groves are right where the need to be.
Fit and finish are great- feel like I got a great deal for $95.

I would tell you all to check out Gary and his work- but I don't want to, because he might get to busy and raise his prices.


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Oct 13, 1999
very nice knife! I've had my eye on Bradburn's web site too. You mentioned that you requested a hollow grind, but your photo makes the knife look like a flat ground blade--is that just a trick of the lighting?
Nice knife ideed.

I should have this one in my hands next week:




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Worth waiting for, David

I am expecting a picture of a my NK1 from mr Bradburn sometime soon.

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