BRAM Seminar - the best!

Dec 30, 1999
I recently attended the seminar held by Master Frank Bram in Israel.

The seminar was superbly organized by Guy Refaely a.k.a. Scorpio, and Bram was joined by no less then 4 other instructors that were on hand to help, demonstrate and get bitten by Bram.. (Thomas, Jody, Andy and Rachel - Bram's daughter - petite but lethal)

The seminar was a full three day, and was held at the beautiful sea side location in ceasareia.

Also attending the seminar was the known knife maker and expert martial artist - Laci Szabo.

Meeting him was a good enough reason to be there - good natured, funny, knowledgeable and always willing to hand a helping hand.

And - just like Master Bram himself - the better the fighter - the smaller the Ego. Amazing.

To put it in simple words: It was an experience not to be forgotten.

It's unbelievable how much can be taught in just 3 days. A whole new concept to most of us - and some of us have been practicing martial arts of every imaginable field for years.

Practitioners included, among others: one Orthopedic expert, two lawyer - your truly included, an undertaker and his son (serious guys - I'm not making this up) a high ranking army officer, one knife dealer (Scorpio), a female student, and a shiatsu teacher who is also a martial arts instructor.

Almost everybody had prior martial arts experience and almost everybody got their bad old habits kicked in the ass.

Do yourself a big favor and attend this seminar in the nearest opportunity - you will learn allot and gain confidence in yourself and in the blades you carry. You will also have many myths shattered.

I can't finish this post without saying a few words about master Bram himself - a fountain of knowledge, funny stories and above all - always willing to demonstrate the fearsome GUNTING on poor Thomas. I was also lucky enough to have a few demonstrations done on my right hand. It's going to be fine. Really.

A must for anyone carrying a knife