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Brand New Paragon ATKO 8 any experience

Jun 2, 1999
Has anyone handled the new Paragon ATKO 8? This is the newest from Paragon, and although I have never liked any of Paragon's previous knives enough to purchase, maybe this one will be different?
I saw this knife for the first time at a local gun/knife show a couple of weekends ago. Overall appearance of the knife somewhat reminds me of the MOD Hornet for some odd reason. Handle has good machine work to it, and is quite comfortable in the hand with its radiused edges. Blade was pretty sharp and the glossy black coating is unusual and eye catching. Blade action is crisp with a push on the button. My only gripe is the pocket clip - carries the knife too high (probably to accommodate the release button). I'm like you - Paragon's stuff never really interested me, but I was pleasantly surprised with the ATKO 8 as well as the Corby Cobras.

Dexter Ewing
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