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Brand you have bought the most?

Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by LG&M, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. 22-rimfire

    22-rimfire Gold Member Gold Member

    Nov 20, 2005
    They do pile up. :D

    Brand wise, I own more Victorinox and GEC slippies than any other brand.
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  2. Hurrul

    Hurrul Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 26, 2017
    Bitten by the Fiddleback Forge:


    I can't get enough, but my bank account says otherwise.
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  3. ron finkbeiner jr

    ron finkbeiner jr

    Jan 6, 2012
    I really like the look of crk but I'm just not a fan of all metal scales. That being said I'll save my pennies and try an Inkosi or an Umnumzaan.
  4. aleforme

    aleforme Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 21, 2013
    They don't have to be "all" metal. And yes, to the Zaan! It's a must try.


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  5. razorguy


    Oct 3, 2011
    Kind of a tough question because I tend to try new brands with most purchases but I do have two Benchmade and two Kizer currently (though I had a third Kizer that I sold). ZT/Kershaw is also at two but I sold my 0350 so I'm down to just my Kershaw on hand.
    LG&M likes this.
  6. razorguy


    Oct 3, 2011
    Fiddleback is definitely on my short list for next purchases. Nice collection!
  7. yamsi12

    yamsi12 Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 16, 2013
    ZT, Kershaw & OKC are what I have the most of. Lately I’ve been getting into traditionals and Cold Steel.
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  8. 91bravo

    91bravo Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 2008
    Becker and Spyderco the most. Although Blind Horse Knives, Case, Carothers, CRK and ZT are not far behind.
    LG&M likes this.
  9. colin.p


    Feb 4, 2017
    I apparently am in the middle of a Benchmade binge.

    Added a superfluous picture

    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  10. bucksway

    bucksway Basic Member Basic Member

    Jan 7, 2007
    Definitely Buck for me..I collect and display rare, odd, 1 of 1 ,Custom and advertising and service award 112's. My Brother David asked me to go to the Blade Show back in 2006 and I really enjoyed it and the BCCI folks there treated me fantastic! The next year I became a life Member and since David collects 110's I chose the 112 to avoid competition..I've acquired close to 100. My wife calls it a 401Buck lol!
    eveled likes this.
  11. Hawgsnawt


    Aug 16, 2015
    Becker, Cold Steel, Spyderco..... in that order
  12. RickyBobby


    May 3, 2018
    Spyderco, for edc folders

    Fixed blades and kitchen is an eclectic mix of brands
  13. Hurrul

    Hurrul Gold Member Gold Member

    Aug 26, 2017
    They are very worthy cutting tools - each is handmade in Georgia, handles are designed for comfort and use, made to be used and just unique visual aesthetics all around.

    Andy Roy of Fiddleback has an apprenticeship program and that has spawned a number of other fine makers, as well as him being associated with others makers who have worked with him in the past such as Alfa-knife, Fletcher Knives, W.A. Surls knives, Jarret Flemming knifes, Cohutta Knives, Dragon Fly blade works - all of whom are creating fine blades in their own wright.

    Hope you can get your hands on a Fiddleback sooner than later.

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