Mar 26, 2000
I am about to finish two damascus fixed blades. They will have handles of either antler or bone. I am playing with the idea of putting hammered brass or copper guards and butt caps on at least one of them.
What do you's the knife users of the forum think?
Brass or copper? I know both have maintenance problems.

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RD, I personally think that brass is more pleasing to the least mine. Can we get some pictures when they're finished?

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With age I like the look of copper much better then brass. Copper turns a nice dark brown where brass just gets a dark flat uneven tarnish. Brass is good if you keep it clean.
Copper!!! I have seen many more knives with brass fixings than knives with copper fixings. Both tarnish and as already mentioned, copper tarnishes better than brass. Go with the more beautiful and rarely seen copper.

By the way Robert, where can a knife maker like me get carbon steel from? Do I have to order from the knife supply places or are there places around that I don't know about??

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Wrought iron? jk

really, i was thinking bronze would look nice.

but, of the two.....copper. looks prettier....IMO


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I do not care for brass. The fact that a knife had brass a brass guard or pins has been the deal-breaker for me.

I think copper would look very good.

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