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black mamba

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Oct 21, 2009
Among my more recent accumulations is this set of celluloid butter & molasses folders, all of which are pre WWII except the far right stockman.

From the left: Robeson 822105, Shapleigh B645, Schrade Cut Co 2564K, Schrade Cut Co C2154K, and Schrade Walden 896K


I'm afraid I've fallen heavily for this not very stable material, and can't seem to get enough of it. They may yet break my heart, but I theorize that if they haven't gassed out yet after 60 or more years, they won't ever.

Please post your butter & molasses beauties, whatever their ages. Thank you!
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Love the one in the middle and I just can't pull the trigger on that material plus I am a stainless fan myself.
Beautiful lineup there.

In my experience butter & molasses is pretty stable. The celluloids most prone to degeneration are the translucent reds and ambers. Still, keep an eye on them, because you never know.
Jeff, some beautiful specimens you’ve acquired :thumbsup::thumbsup:
Never owned one, but they are gorgeous. I'd own one if I came across one! OH
I have a few cells, but I've passed on some really nice ones too. Nice knives...
Nice group! I tend to avoid celluloid too, but have a few and Schrade Cut Co are my favorites:thumbsup:
Old Bulldog and Fight'n Rooster seem to be some of the most unstable celluloid in my experience.--KV