Brian Tighe "Tighe Pan" or Greg Lightfoot "LCC"?

Sep 23, 2000
I've narrowed down my search for a good user to either Brian Tighe's "Tighe Pan" or Greg Lightfoot's "LCC" and am looking for input from people who have used both of these knives.
I own an LCC and have had a Tighe Pinnacle. I have handled a Tighe Pan, but never bought one. Of all three, I like the LCC the best. The LCC is very sturdy and its opening studs have great purchase. They are also dual thumb studs which can come in handy. Tighe knives tend to only have one stud which makes them a little less versatile, also the little rubber tips on Tighe studs do not offer as nice a grip as the knurled metal studs on the LCC.
The blade grinds on Tighe and Lightfoot knives are pretty similar. They are definitely tactical and not great slicers. Finally, I really like the tip or point on the LCC, it is great for opening things. The only drawback to either Tighe or Lightfoot knives is that the titanium finish that they use is very prone to scratching. Unless you use great care, these knives will quickly look used.
I would recommend the LCC. I have never had a Tighe knife, but I have had several of Greg's and all of them have been well made and very good users. I happen to have an LCC that I am thinking of selling. I'll shoot you an email.
michael :D
2 exceptional knives ! I like the LCC better though ~ more aggressive tactical look to it than the Pan. The blade design on the LCC is a killer ! You might also consider a Lightfoot M1 or Suppressor.

Let us know what you finally get. :D
Grian and Greg are both excellent makers IMHO. But the works to me have a different character. Brian's is somewhat more precise and elegant; Greg's is somewhat tougher and meaty. Both are wonderful and should function beautifully for you. Tough choice, but at that level it really boils down to personal taste.
Thanks for your input. I settled on the Tighe and this is why. I had a chance to handle both, and the LCC has the same fatal flaw that its production version by MT has. The tip of the blade is not seated deeply enough within the handle. Combine that with its tip up carry position and you've got bloody fingers: something I can do without. Perhaps this example is an anomaly?
The Tighe is a beaut. Perfect fit and finish and fits the hand very nicely.