Brief Review: Newt Livesay "Little Pecker"

Aug 19, 1999
All jokes about the name aside, a pretty cool using quality neck knife.

Mine arrived today from Hammerhead Knives.
I paid $32.00 US, including shipping by priority mail.
The LP is made from one piece of 1/8" 1095 carbon steel, and sports a bead-blast parkerized finish, just like your favorite military firearms. It has no handle scales or cord wrap.
OAL is about 7 1/4". The blade measures 2 3/4", with about another 1/4 " of ricasso.
The handle is ground with a "cut out" for the index finger, and gives a secure grip in my medium-sized hands. I have no scale to measure how much this puppy weighs. That info may be available from Newt.
The knife arrived in a black kydex neck scabbard that measures approx. 1 7/8" x 4 3/4". The scabbard holds the knife securely. I found that it does not hurt me to "pop" the knife out of the sheath when worn around my neck. Other owners may wish to adjust the tightness a little. The scabbard has 2 brass-grommeted holes for tie-down purposes. It would be easy to rig to a belt with the 2 ft. of supplied paracord.
The blade profile is straight-backed. The edge features about 1 inch of straight steel and then curves up to the point.
The blade bevels, while not perfect, are nicely ground. There are some grinding belt marks on the blade bevels. Bearing in mind the price of the knife, this is not a problem.
This knife would be a great canvas for all the Dremel fanatics out there. Filework, polishing, and handle treatments of all sorts would be fun...hmm.
My LP arrived shaving sharp...nice polished edge which seems better for push cuts than slicing. I may touch it up on my fine India stone to give it that "grabby" edge that I like.
I have only done a little casual whittling and paper-slicing with the knife, and the edge has held. I am not going to put it in a vise and try to break it!
So much for my brief and somewhat awkward review. This is the first time I have tried to review a knife here, and I hope you guys will go easy on me.

--Mike L.

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Mike, you're doing great. I've been thinking about geting an LP myself.

A few Questions.
How does it feel in ice pick grip?
How does it feel with gloves on?
Which is better really, saber or natural/gorilla grip?
How does it feel when you stab with it in the various grips?
I just got my LP two days ago got mine with micarta handle the knife is comfortable in all grip positions not to small to be used by large hands ordered the belt clip with it so i have lots of carry options.
it will make a great backup to my battle mistress when i'm out running through the woods.
Smoke, the knife feels best for me in a sabre grip or reverse grip. The blasted finish makes it easy to hold on to. I forgot to mention that there is also a lanyard hole drilled near the butt of the handle.
This is going to be a handy little knife. I can see a lot of uses for it in both woods and urban environments.

--Mike L.

Real men ride Moto Guzzis!
I got the "Little Bugger" and I like it but I have not tried the "Little Pecker"

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I have 2 L.P.'s I really like them. They can be used effectively as an emergency backup weapon, but they really shine as a general utility knife