British Military Knife

Aug 15, 1999
Any one know where I can purchase the British Military Knife - Mod 4, I think it's called
Cannot help with a supplier although I did see and advert on the 'net, recently.
And I hope that , if you are a collector , you find one.
But, if you are looking for a "user", forget it.
I wanted one, too.......luckily I managed to handle one before having to buy. They are a crude, heavy knife and have very poor ergonomics (painfull to the hand under light use)
I mean.....really crappy

I agree, the Mod 4 is utter crap. Having also handled one some time ago thinking it might be good. It's not. Don't waste time or money, unless you're really keen on having one. A better knife by far and very similar is the Busse Steel Heart II. The knife the Mod 4 wishes it was. But for $300-350, it might be out of your range, not to mention the wait. I have two (one A2 and one INFI) and will not part with either.

Good luck on your search and hope this is really what you want.


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Just curious, is there a picture of the Mod. 4 anywhere?


Two important questions in life:
Do they have a catalog?
Did you know there's a town called "Batman" in Turkey?
I agree with the crap quote. Handled one in the UK and it is painful to see what a committee can pass off as a knife.

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