BRKT Bravo Necker pics, and impressions

Nov 14, 2005
Well, as most of you guys know, I bought one of the new BRKT Bravo neckers....:D

Thought Id share some pics, and give you my impressions of the knife, along with a sheath mod I did....

Its a very nice blade, razor sharp. I really think it could benifit from .5 more length, .25 in the blade, .25 in handle.... However, its not a big deal. For what it is, a necker, a backup blade, its a great size. I chose to cordwrap mine, as I always love the looks of a nice cord wrap on a necker, and I like having the extra cordage if needed. I think it looks pretty darn good in a cordwrap. :thumbup: I am gonna do a few tasks with it today and snap some "in use" shots, but wanted to post up some pics in the meantime.

The sheath is Kydex, Im assuming sharpshooter(?)...It fits the knife nicely, even better with the cordwrap, a I can imagine the same is true with the handle slabs. It holds a firesteel that is available from Derrick and KSF, but I had a small ferro rod I have had for awhile that forumite Talfuchre made me. Its got a hard annod machined head on it. I thought it would look perfect for this setup. However, when I got the sheath, the shape of the bottom of the kydex didnt match up with the firesteel. A couple seconds on my grinder fixed that problem. I notched it out so the firesteel fits flush. :cool: I think it looks really cool.

Well as Mr T says...Enough Jibba Jabba!!! heres some pics.





Yeah Ive used it a few times, but never had a sheath that fits it so it usually rides in a pack....

Its waay cool. I think it looks perfect in this sheath. Thanks again!

If others like it, youre not alowed to make any more. :mad:

hehehe J/K...:p
Congrats on the necker.
The blade looks disappointingly small, but that's cool.
Please update on thoughts after you start using it.
Thanks for sharing!
Nice knife Jake, I knew you would be 1 of the 1st in line for that lil knife!

Good mod to your sheath. Whats that the say about function over looks... ;)
Jake, does the blade have contact with the fire steel when sheathed or is there a divider between the two?
Cool looking little knife. Have you owned an izula? Id love to see comparison pics:)
So is it a full convex grind or does it have a secondary?

Reason I'm asking is looks like it has a secondary??
It looks to be full convex. If it has a seconary, my eyes arent good enough to pick it up... Its just the light in the pics that makes it look that pronounced.
Thanks for the pics and thoughts! I'm still waiting for mine. Impatiently, I might add. :grumpy:
Well, mine didn't show up today. :grumpy: I was hoping I'd have it to play with over the weekend. Oh well.
I'll live. I have a few other knives around. :D

I am looking forward to this little guy though. :thumbup:
Well, mine didn't show up today. :grumpy: I was hoping I'd have it to play with over the weekend. Oh well.

Hmmmmm---what's up with that???

Shoot me an email or PM with your name and order number and I'll check on it for you.