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Oct 5, 1998
I just broke up with my girl of seven months. Loved her more than my knives, but it was just that she lived so far away, I just couldn't stand it anymore. As I was breaking up with her on the phone, I made a parallel with my knives, and how I love them. I never hold on to my knives for too long, even the real good ones. I tend to always trade them away. The reason, I grow too attached to them and start becoming fearful of ever losing them. This is what was happening with my girlfriend, and now she has being traded away. On the horizon, there is a new girl (knife) whether she's better or worse I know not of. She has desired interest (the price is right) and she is of high quality (small sebenza/HaloII.) I still have a chance to turn back (My old knife is still in the USPS box, but ready to go) What do I do?

If you're carrying for defense, swapping prime carry rigs around too often is bad IMHO. If "excement occurs" you want to know every knife (and gun as applicable) you own INTIMATELY, you want to know where they are and have the muscle memory set to draw without even thinking about it. If you're not going to draw right away you still need to know where it's all at to cover them from the enemy's access and prep for your own if needed.

The last time I got into a serious mess I remember doing a "mental inventory" of all three pieces of lethal hardware, all in the time it took to take two fast steps. By the time I was deep in it, the inventory was over and done and did *wonders* for my self confidence going in. It was a factor in four armed lunatics backing down.

I can't stress this enough. One of my daily carry blades I own TWO of just in case I lose one, it's my "first at bat speed-draw" blade.

Jim March
well i guess knives and women lye along the same line when it comes to you. you love them both. you already know what i think, i say keep the old knife. are you ready to give up the most loving person that you have ever met? is this a good trade or are you getting the short end of the stick? why in the hell would you ****in trade a good knife anyway? Just because your scared that your getting too attached to it? That one day you will leave it on top of the counter and the next day it will gone forever? Are you up for that? Pretty stupid if you ask me. Because if i have a good thing, why in the hell would i jeopardize that for some new knife that i don't know nothing about. And will proably use me as a crutch to lean on because it gets treated like **** by its owner. What will end up is probably you will try to save someone that doesn't want to be saved? More mess so chose not to get into it. I SAY KEEp THE OLD KNIFE....
Keep the knife. Get a few more. They won't get jealous of one another if you have more than one

When I was in high school, working at a pizza joint in Arizona, a girl walked in that took my breath away. I wasn't sure how to meet her, but she was ravishing and made myt knees shake...the ideas went through my head. Spell my phone number with the olives on her pizza? Put a piece of paper with a note under her plate? I decided, with the help of my coworkers who had never seen me like this, to meet her by sending someone from my work to the store to get a flower, and I gave it to her when she was done eating. She was very happy for the flower, but said she was from Oregon. Bummer. I said "well, at least I met you...bye". After she left, she sent her brother back in, and got my phone number. I didn't hold my breath. Guess what, she called! Repeatedly. I told her we could be friends, but that a distance of a few thousand miles would not work for a relationship. We stayed friends, but couldn't help moving further beyond that (as our phone bills skyrocketed beyond most people's monthly knife budgets). We spent the first year of our relationship being completely faithful to each other even though we could only talk on the phone and fly to meet each other on school breaks. A year or so later, she moved to Arizona to give our relationship a try, and the short story is, it is seven years later and we have been happily married for two and a half.
I left out a lot of the mushy details because this is a mostly male audience, but that is the quick overview of how we met.
My point: long distance relationships *can* work. They just take a little more discipline. Some things are woth the wait. Use the time you have apart to persue your own interests with high intensity, then use the time together to build your relationship with high intensity. Instead of a slow building of both, you fluxuate from one to another as you need to. In the end, you get stronger in both areas: your own goals, and your relationship which you both are dedicated to. And, you actually get to know each other very well, because all you can do is...talk.

I hope I didn't misunderstand your post, but it seemd like a serious question that needed an answer.

Oh yeah...of knives and women. Nothing works better than your old faithful knife that has served you well for so many years and fit itself to your hand. The new knife has flash, but when that wears off, it just doesn't perform like your trusty tool of many years. Rather than falling for the new seductive knife that you haven't experienced yet, stick with the old trusty knife, it earned it's place for a reason.
Hmmmm . . . .

I still remember my first official "date," back in 1964, taking the girl I'd been B-S'ing with a lot to the junior prom. We kept on dating through high school, and into a "long commute" relationship through four years of different colleges, and made it official in 1969.

Last month we quietly celebrated her 50th birthday by going out to the same restaurant where we had gone after the prom (I used my BM800SBT to cut my steak, and she gave me the Look), and then "getting lost" on the way home and fogging the windows of the car a little bit.

The Swiss Army Knife I owned back in 1964 is long gone. No comparison.

Thank-you James, thaddeus, Nikki, James and CK. Your words have helped.

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Fear of commitment is a legimate anxiety that really needs to be addressed to. I mean, we're talking about a potentially serious problem here that can stunt your growth in the long run.

Luckily, knives don't have feelings like women. So, if you want to keep your old knives, that's fine. If you want to trade them that's fine.


Ah, so that's why you seem to have such a positive disposition.
Though, I am in a happy, stable marriage, we didn't have a story-book relationship. However, a very good friend of mine did. I would like to recount a short tale about him-- the one I recounted for everyone on his wedding as his best man.

We were back in high school, and we were both sitting in McDonalds this one night. We somehow got on the subject of girls. He made this passionate remark about how he was too much into basketball, being free, and so forth to even consider about going steady with any woman. One week later, a new girl transfers to our school. They met the first time in junior prom in someone else's arms. Within that week, we hung out again one night at McDonald's. He couldn't stop talking about this new girl he saw. And I said, "Woah, waitaminute. Whatever happened to I want to be a bachelor, I'm too busy to be interested in girls?" He said to me with this awe and wonderment akin to just having acquired a MD Saxon, "Yeah, but.. she's.. BEAUTIFUL! I mean, she is GORGEOUS! And she's funny, got this pretty laugh. Oh man, I'm telling you. I'm asking her out. She is mine." And I was like, "DOH!"

Well, years later, they're a happy couple with a beautiful baby boy. It's a touchy story, even for a romantic cynic like me.

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I live in GA.
I met a girl in Indiana.

Now girl lives in GA.
And I'm very happily married.

If you really love her, she's worth it...
if you dont...why waste your time?

just my $.02


Mouse Assassins inc.

Well last night, was my final chance to meet this new girl (Halo II.) I like the way she felt in my hands, the action was niiiiiice, and sharp as hell. At the end of the date the blade got a little gunked up, and the action almost seemed to fail. I went home and went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I recieved a phonecall, and the action was even beter then when I frist played with it. Very Confused. As for the knives, I think I might just keep the sebbie, and buy myself a new Halo II. As for the women, I could keep both, but since God gave me morals, only one. Keeping the new girl will be a challenge, like keeping a Halo II on your person without going to jail. The other girll (sebenza) is still in her box, crying out to me, asking me to open her up again, and let her back into the pocket that once she called home. Ughhhhh.
well, if you like the halo, you need to be fair to the old knife. You have to let her know that you have found a new knife to play with. Its not fair for her to think that you love her when you are already seeing someone else. Chose one. So i can hook her up =)just kidding. But you have to make a decision you need to be fair to both, especially to the one that loved you the most. If you can't make her happy someone else will. I've heard you tell me the stories about your old sebbie, how shes good at heart and the best that you have ever had in a long time, but don't cheat do it right.
I wouldn't carry HaloII in your pocket without that little kydex chastity belt she came with...


HALO II's are nice, they feel good, they look good....but they dont really do as a every day do whatever knife. Dont get stuck with a high matenence knife just because its the coolest thing you have seen lately. Make sure it is the perfect knife for you to carry every day, anywhere you go, good mood or bad, rain or shine, and one your not afraid to put a few scratches on.


Mouse Assassins inc.

I believe the maker intended us to carry a trusty fixed blade. Some might find themselves with a blade they didn't quite like at first but it sure beats knowing that your not getting a folder. I personally have never been into high priced blades, always had a fear I would just lose it anyway so why bother. Remember also that strange knives have a tendency to cut you when you least expect it and can leave a nasty scar....a cut from an unclean blade can also kill.


(Knife Terms) Going to buy the Halo II the 10th, keep the Small Sebbie, and am happy with my new Nealy Achuchi II Black M2. (Woman Terms) Left the old girl "Still friends," pursuing the new girl"Big Challenge," But happy with my decision overall.
Good luck Ryan,just remember when you juggle a lot of knives at once you`re bound to get cut sooner than later. It also tends to hurt the knives when you drop em. Been there ,done that. Now I`m happy to say the same small custom (one of a kind!)fixed blade utility with pretty grips and nice curves has been my constant companion for over a decade. That`s speaking metaphorically of course,you can never have too many real knives!
good luck with the new girl, just be careful
this time around the whole situation can blow up on your face so just be cautious. don't trust too soon, even if she does live around your area.