Apr 26, 1999
Anybody know anything about Browning knives? How's their reputation and overall quality? I'm especially interested in their medium stockman pocket knife for occasions when I would rather pull out something relatively traditional looking rather than a one-hander. (Also, I like the looks of it.

They say on their knife page that they use "440C-type stainless steel" but most of the pages linked from there (when they mention the steel at all) say something like "premium AUS-8A (440C-type) steel." Now I have nothing against AUS-8A steel for a stainless pocket knife. After all, most are 440A or worse, but I do have to wonder about companies that give the impression of not knowing what they are doing.

I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding Browning's overall quality, not just the pocket knives, but anything, especially stuff of recent manufacture. Thanks.


Paul Neubauer
I have one of their bigger lockbacks (model 810) from a few years back, but I think they still make them (Black with the wood insets).
It's very light for it's size. Good lock-up and not a bit of play in the blade after 5 or 6 years. I think the quality is very good.
Don't know what kind of steel though.
Browning knives are .... interesting.
Awhile back, James Mattis sent me a Browning filet knife to test. It was light and comfortable, but the design was marred by having a partially serrated blade, so I sent it back to him without buying it.

Recently, for about the past month or so, I've been carrying and using a Browning mdl. 609 as one of my daily work knives. I love the concept of two different shaped independently locking med-large blades. I also like the fact that it's so light that I hardly notice it until I need it. What I _don't_ like is the fact that it's rather cheaply constructed with plastic blade separtor and has a certain *cheap* feel to it. One of the Browning logo medallions popped off after very minimal use, and after a month of cutting cardboard and pipe insulation there is quite noticeable blade wobble in both blades.

The steel in it, (whatever it is) is exceptional. I really, really like the way it takes a quick edge. In fact I like it better than my ATS-34 Eclipse. I'll be featuring this knife in an upcoming test of several large lockbacks, so we'll see how it really compares, then.