Bruce Evans checking in from Ray's

Jun 17, 2001
I Have finally gotten most of Dad's stuff done at his house and finally got to come and visit Ray.It has been a really fun day so far.
Donna made it home fine,Boy do I miss her already.Well better go so we can play in the shop for a little while.
See some of you Saturday at the Salem,Or show...
Good to hear from you Buddy. I hope everthing works out well and a safe trip home. I would feel the same about Helen.
PS: Bruce, don't tell Helen I said this.:D :D :D
I hope Bruce was able to find it back to his Dad's house, pretty dark here when he left. Really enjoyed his company.....Ray
Hey Guys-

I hate to say it but I just couldn't afford to do the show this year...both in time and money.

They are great folks down at Northwest Knives and Collectibles and I know they will do all they can to make everybody's show experience a great one.

Please tell them hello for me.

If I can I'd like to drive down for a day, but that's yet to be for sure.

Have fun and sell some knives guys!!!
I'll be calling BE later on this moring, sure hope he made it to his Dad's ok. I'll see you Saturday Mister Bump, hope this show does some good for you and Bruce, at least the two Bruce's will get to meet which was the main objective anyway. I'm suppossed to meet WG there so I'll be introducing you to him there also.....Ray
Nick, I can read between the lines, You are saving up for the Reno Show!! You dawg! I hope you at least stop by to see us. Bring something for us to play with.

Ray, I only have one piece to show but will bring the Bruce and Bruce colaboration Price Dagger if I can borrow it from Parley. Even Bruce E hasnt seen it since we finished it.
Hey Bump, if you need something to fill some space on the table let me know. Hope you didn't get the big table.

Bruce did call so guess he made it back to his Dad's last night. I was out in the shop then, I'm going to call him back now.....Ray