Buck 110 Auto

Oct 3, 1998
I just received a Buck/Cumberland Mountain conversion and I'm very impressed.
It's a nice change to depart from all the tactical stuff and get a hand full of solid brass.
I was motivated to purchase after admiring how my first 110 (purchased in 1968) had held up.
The fit and finish of the converted model is excellent.
The converted model has a bit more lateral play than the original, but not so much to even hint of poor quality.
This is a heavy knife. The combination of brass and cocobolo wood is very attractive too.
The lockback release at the base of the knife is awkward. So is the original.
This knife was purchased for beauty and sentimental reasons. It looks good sitting next to it's original cousin.
Nobody would ever notice it's an auto as the large brass button looks more ornamental than
It opens faster than my AFO's, but slower than my Cheyennes.
This knife, however, will likely never leave the house.
It will be adored, played with and polished. It was simply a "feel good" purchase and I'm very pleased with it.
I bought mine for the same reason,old times.It was an antique when it was made.The AFO and MT`s will do the getting broken.I`ll just keep the auto 110`s.With the round spring,I do not think that you have to concern yourself with them.