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buck 110 knife

Dec 15, 2000

hey i just went to the local wal-mart with my mom *duh* and she knows i like knives and asked me if i wanted one for my b-day cominh up in 3 weeks i said yea i like the buck 110 so shes mostl likely gonna get it well the thing im asking is what does the knife come with on there site buck site i mean it says sheath does wal-mart include the sheath and also whats a good blade sharpner under 10 $ at wal-mart theres a nice lookingyellow handle one there dont know the name is it any good ......well thanks for your time
The Buck 110 should come with the black sheath. If they still have the same package as when I bought one (couple months ago), it should come with a free Mini-Buck. A pretty good deal for about $36. They come with the edge 2000 (very nice). As far as the sharpeners go, stay away from the gimmicky things. Go to FAQs or search the archives for sharpening. There has to be a scrillion topics. Later
The Buck 110 is a classic knife that should give you years of good use and enjoyment.

You will get a simple and plain black leather sheath. If you maintain the edge periodically (don't let it get dull as crowbar), a ceramic rod (~$3) will work really nice and give you a good edge (for minor touch ups). For more agressive sharpening and edge maintanence, Look at combination EZ-Lap or similar diamond system with a coarse and medium side.

Stay Sharp,
Good choice, I've got several Buck 110 variants and like them all. Sounds like your mom's a nice lady, you're a lucky guy.
Good knives those 110's. I know the "yellow" sharpener you are talking about and if you want to keep that 110 in good shape DON'T get that sharpener! It will tear your blade up and you will still have a lousy edge if you let it get dull. It doesn't remove minute amounts like the other sharpeners the others above have said, it removes large amounts of the steel at the edge and still dosn't IMO give you an edge worth spit.

Let me say again. Hope you get the Buck but Don't get the sharpener.
thanks for the replies and THANK YOU for telling me about the yellow sharpner i want a good buck 110 not a crappy one and my is nice she likes me having a hobby as long as it doesnt involve explosives so i also saw next to the yellow handle sharpner was a few little stone like sharpners like one was 3 inches long and one inch thick it said lightly wet the stone and pull blade toward your is that a good sharpner