Buck 532


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Apr 1, 2001
Having just got caught up in knifedom a few months ago, I was not aware of the Buck 532 until I saw it while checking out the SMKW website last week. Since my current interest is in high-end blade steels and classic lockbacks, I ordered one in indigo and it arrived today. Amazing fit and finish, great bladeshape in BG-42, sharp as blazes, and only $70! A gentleman's folder with attitude! Knowing that there were only 1000 of these made in 2000, I'm amazed there are any left! Any of you "Buckaroos" that don't have one yet better get one while you can!

I don't suppose you ever heard of the "secret" Buck 532 collectors club? It is such a nice looking knife that nobody wants to see it go. I heard a rumor that we will be offering one, in limited supplies, next year during our Centennial.

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wow, I'm surprised you got one. They said there were ieght in the showroom when I got mine about three weeks ago...good catch! Oh, and not to nitpick, but I think 2000 is the magic number. ( quantity made and year of celebration ) stay safe, rdogout
One of the sweetest, sharpest, of the Buck knives. Blade shape is optimum, probably one of the best "all around" shapes you could ask for. I have three that I cherish, one is a real user, another for dress up carry and one more to save.
I've got one of these 532s, and it is the sharpest factory knife I have ever seen! Stays sharp a long time, and because of the thin grind, is very easy to restore to razor sharp. More BG42 knives please!