Buck 532

Mar 24, 2001
I'm new to Buck Knives (except for a Mini that I've used for many years) and I want to know why Buck stopped making such a nice looking knife as the 532. I just found out about this knife from the "Pete's Pics" post by Folsom (almost a neighbor) Please bring it back :eek:
Welcome to the secret underground Buck 532 fan club. There are quite a few of us who really like this model including some of the folks at Buck Knives. Though it is not in current production you can probably find one available. Buck Knives put out a Limited Edition 2000 last year and some of the on-line knife sites still have them in their catalog. They might also still be available in local cutlery shops and/or sporting goods stores.

They were produced with red (rosewood), blue (indigo diamondwood) and walnut inlaid handles and with superb BG-42 blades. The following web knife sales sites still display the Limited Edition 2000 532s in their on-line catalog. Some are limited to only the walnut but others display all three (whether or not the on line catalogs are up-to-date is another question). The first site listed, Top of Texas offers the lowest price and offers the knife with only the walnut inlays.

It is really a terrific knife and I hope you are able to purchase one.

Top of Texas

Smoky Mountain Knife Works

The Knife Center

Cumberland Knives

Dantes Knifeworks

My Knife Source

I am sure that there are others, but this should give you a start.

I cant see why there are still so many of the special 2000 editions around(although I am glad there are so that I can get them). I just bought the walnut one and like it so much I think I will buy the indigo. I havent seen many knives out there that I would consider to be as well done as these are - and at price that is this good!:eek:
Yup, they are very nice knives indeed, the 2000 series with BG42 are like razors. For some reason, the average knife buyer just didn't seem to "get" this series. I have several (from Dennis @ Wright Knives) and also one of the 2-blade versions from some time back, I forget the year. Both CJ and Joe like these, so we may be lucky enough to see them again in the future. Hey, how about in Pete's?
With stag scales, BG42 or damascus blade?
Great idea, Joe. I would really like to see the 532 offered in Pete's. However, I am afraid that I, also, would suffer severe financial trauma if it is offered there. The day that it appears as an option would probably spell certain eventual ruin for me.
Just a quick question on the side- do any of you use your 2000 special edition 532's daily, or are the sitting as a collectors item?
I do! I have 3 and two get carried on a regular basis, that BG42 cuts thru stuff like it's butter!
I have one each of the 2000 LEs and carry and use them on a regular basis, usually about once per week for each. After regular carry and use they are showing no signs of wear and they still seem as sharp as when they came out of the box. The use to which they have been subjected, however, has not included really heavy work.
I have 8 of these great 532 knives (2 customized with mastadon ivory bark handle slabs and mirror polished blades and bolsters). The notion of having Pete add it to the 110 offerings has been raised many times in the past but alas it remains neglected.

BTW I was privileged to be one of the beta testers for Pete's design it yourself site and treasure my resulting custom 110 with BG-42 blade, fingergrooved frame, rams horn handles without pins, and silver bolsters... beautiful!
I am a very new collector and I just realized the beauty of these knifes myself!!!! I purchased the last Walnut from Buck, but they have a few more red and blue. Glad I found this website!! I am looking for any 531 NIB or 532 I don't yet have. I now own a 531 and 535 SAWBY!!! THANKS JOE HOUSER!!!! :D :D :D
I have one of each, and yes they are about the sharpest knives I own. They stay in the drawer as "collector pieces", mostly. If I carry one, it is the walnut.
Although the 532 was officially discontinued a few years ago, we just can't seem to let it go! It keeps popping up each year as a limited edition knife. If you want this years 532, it is part of the Family Favorites set of four knives. The 532 comes with a mastodon ivory handle and a blade of 154CM!!!! Start saving!