Buck Comfortcraft 309 - Question for 300 Bucks

Nov 8, 2005
300 - I've been looking at the yellow 309's on various and sundry sites of late, with an eye to a possible purchase.

Is it my imagination, or have they addressed one of your recent comments (309 blade looks a little too much like a stealth fighter) and added a bit of sweep to the end of the blade of late?

This has been a pet peeve of mine, I've been hoping that they'd make the thing look a wee bit more graceful (and traditional); I'm just wondering whether my imagination is leading me to see what I'd like to see when I look at the advertising pics....

Thanks in advance. Good luck, and enjoy your SMKW gig! I'll be with you in spirit, if not in corpore. One of my office mates was lucky enough to hit the joint recently (we work in Northern VA), and all I could say was 'you're a lucky...'. Imagine being able to actually handle the knives; here in NOVA, it's slim pickings in that regard, anyone interested in a broad selection has to rely heavily on the 'net.
Apr 19, 2005
Well, to be honest I don't know. Here is a 309 photo with the newest ones I have, don't have a 2010.
The web site photo looks a little better, but the photo could be stretched a little to fill a space and the blade looks different when its actually in hand. Will look at SMKWs and see if I can tell. Right now your on 'yur' own. 300

P.S. I think the smaller nail nic helps in the visual relationship of the blade size to the knife.