Buck Crosslock 3 function hunter

I got this knife for Christmas and I was wondering how it was and if other people have liked or disliked it. Any feed back will be appreciated. Thanks

I don't own one because I am a lefty and they are strictly designed righthanded, but, I have always liked the feel and smooth operation of the cross-locks. They appear to be a well made knife that should take a lot of abuse. If they made an ambidextrious model I would buy it.
I don't own your particular model, but I do own a crosslock. I have sung the praises of this knife for years now to anyone who would listen, and many who wouldn't, I love my Crosslock.
I have abused the heck out of this knife and never had it fail. some will say the steel is not the greatest, and they'll be right, but it has always performed.
I change carry blades a lot but for some reason My Crosslock shows up in my pocket on a very regular basis.
I'm not sure how well I'd like the ones with more than one blade because of the thickness aspect, but I'd sure give it a chance.
Buck has incredible customer service as well.
I like the Buck Cross Locks. We have the gold-tin plated Solitare and I think that the knife functions very well, the action is smooth and the knife stays sharp. I haven't handled your particulary knife but I don't think size will be a problem since the 3 function Blade has just 2 blades (1 drop point, the other a combine saw and gut blade), right?

The only thing I didn't like about the knife was that the liner bar rides along the entire tang section but the blade is secure and didn't collapse when I applied pressure along the spine of the blade or banged it against a book.

I also like the polymer inlays in the scales. Prevents slipping.

I think you're going to be happy with your piece. I wish someone would give me a knife for Xmas.