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Buck Crosslock vs. Any CRKT/OE ??

Dec 2, 1999
I have an add for a Buck ionfusion/buckcote single blade crosslock for $35. Last I handled one a few years ago they seemed OK.

Now, though, CRKT and Outdoor Edge kicks some serious fanny in that price range, my impression is I'd still be better off with a CRKT or Outdoor Edge than a Buck.

Am I on target or looney tunes?

dave-ive got three from crkt,and my collection keeps growing.crkt is the best knife for the money.no questions asked.pick up any one of there knives and you'll see what i mean.nearly flawless.made in taiwan is starting to sound a whole lot better.

excellent qc, excellent knives, and from the few i have they seem damn near indestructable(esp. the m-16 line)
Dave, I bought a Buck Lightning a few weeks ago, the quality was nowhere near the quality of the CRKT knives I have.
Dave, I'd trust your instincts and go with CRKT. I'm sure that you will be pleasantly surprised at the quality. I know I was.
Thanks for the replies, I'm passing the Buck up, moment of weekeness I guess.

Buck has some reasonable offerings, although I don't think the Crosslock is one of them. Good choice is passing it up!

Personally I have Buck "CrossLock - DoubleBlade" and fully satisfied with it. This one fits my needs in outdoor knife exactly. Unfortunately I have not handled any of CRKT, but nevertheless Buck "CrossLock" gives a lot of knife for not so lot of money

I like its simple and reliable (this is proven by me personally) design especially "main" blade: drop point sufficiently high hollow ground blade with good length - width - thickness ratios made of 420HC and supported by fully serrated sheepfoot blade - exactly what I need at a field.

I've since found out that the advertised prices of $35 is just slightly under the normal price from dicscounters. So I can wait.