Buck Intrepid II 189T looking for comments

Dec 15, 2000
Looking for comments on the Buck Intrepid II 189T.

My Coworker's father I found out, works for the Buck factory in San Diego, and apparently can get me a good deal on a knife. I'm not sure of the exact deal, or if it's even that good, I'm waiting for the coworker to get back to me.

Anyway, I was looking through the Buck catalog and saw the Buck Intrepid. Anyone have one? Comments? I'm looking for my first good knife.
I had one. If they are all like the one I had, don't bother. The Tanto point was pretty dull, the entire blade was pretty dull, and the grind-lines were very un-even, and wavy. Also, for me anyway, the steel used in this knife could have been "better".

On the plus-side, they are very stout, with a comfortable handle that can be removed.

You might want to take a look at the Fallkniven line of knives. I did.
. (A1 & F1 so far...). I'm now "sold on 'em", as the VG-10 steel used in their knives is one of the best, the grind-lines are even and straight, and the entire blade is razor-sharp. Not to mention the very comfortable "rubber" handle.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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I'd have to agree with glockman, based on my recent experiences with Buck. Buck's steel and grinding aren't up to my specs. I have the Fallkniven F1 and WM1 and absolutely love them both. The WM has been a constant companion since I got it and has seen a bunch of use. It stays sharp, period. The F1 hasn't seen as much use, but it stays sharp too. I'll have an A1 and both of the K Fallknivens before the year's out. They are great knives for the money. You could probably shop around and find a Fallkniven within your price range.

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