Buck Intrepid ?????

Oct 5, 1998

Hey Everybody,
I see a lot of posts on large fixed blade knives and survival knives. What are opinions on the Buck Intrepid compared to the other popular production knives ?
My local dealer has the smaller size one for a pretty good price and I really like the feel of it but any opinions would be appreciated
thanks, woody
My guess is that you are able to get it n the low $100 range. It appears to be a good knife. It is very new so there isn't much testing info. available on it. But in that price range there are several other very good to excellent knives available from Cold Steel, SOG, Kabar next generation, timberline aviator, KATZ alley Kat styles, etc. If you are looking into just one knife then take a look all all those. Cold steel makes some of the boldest claims and their video backs up alot of what they say. The SOG seal 2000 and pup knives are excellent and have passed many rigorous tests. SOG goverment is a non matte version of the seal 2000 knife and should be excellent. The timberline aviator was just recently tested in Tactical knives and passed quite well, even with steel drum penetration tests. You have many to choose from. I'm sure the buck is a good knife for the value and should do well even though it's new, but you have many choices in that price range.
Its ATS-34 and was designed by Kit Carson.I've briefly handled the smaller version and it seems a solid piece of work. The handles are Micarta I believe and come apart for cleaning. The sheath is zydex again not sure of the carry options.You can get sort of tanto or chiseled ground tip or flat tipped for diving chores.For the money it deffinitly seems like a work horse of a fixed blade.
Strider, I'm pretty sure it is not ATS-34. were did you get that information?

The Buck Intrepid is the factory version of the Carson U2. In its original custom version it was made of 440C and came in two lengths and two tip styles (tanto and chisel). The custom version went through 2.5 years of testing and design changes to reach it final state which is the Buck Intrepid. You can look at the Nov 97 Issue of Tactical Knives or the Dec 98 issue of Blade to read about the knife and its testing. IMHO you will not find a better field knife for the price in either the custom or factory versions. The Buck is made of 420HC and comes with a Blade-Tech sheath, if diving is your sport the smaller version in the chisel tip is perfect for that. The tanto is a great field knife and has proven itself in every enviroment possible, I can personally atest to that.

Blue Skies

I belive it is 420. Kit's parent design and handmade version (the U2) could most likely be ordered with whatever steel floats your boat. I am very glad to see the new roads Buck is taking.
Sorry guy's
The Intrepid is 420 and not ATS-34 I went and dug out my Jan Blade where it's the cover knife. I must have confused it with the Oddessy.
Thanks for the good info on the knife!
I really like the look and feel of the Intrepid,
it really seems like a workhorse of a knife.
I don't think I could go wrong, especially for the money.
So many knives, so little money!!!!
Thanks a lot,