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Buck Lightning I

Jul 17, 1999
Recently, I picked up a Model 170 Lightning I in Red/Black at SMKW for almost nothing. What a wonderful little EDC! Perfect size with great ergonomics and looks that make everyone want to take it from me!QC is great on this one. It came very sharp from the box, and a few minutes with the Sharpmaker made it "hair-poppin'".I've never seen it mentioned here. Am I the only one who owns one of these little rock-solid folders?
No you're not :) I have several of both sizes myself and I really like them. I think the reason that they arn't more popular is because of the goofy shape of the handle. Yes, indeed they are well made and I for one appreciate the 420HC steel 'cuz it doesn't take any time at all to sharpen them and they come in many nifty colors. I have come to really dislike Black/ Gray knives. I think that I'll order some more from SMKW, that is a real steal for knife prices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D
I have a 170 in red/black and love it. I also have a black one that I got from SMKW for less than $20. It is a good little knife. I have a couple of the larger 175s and like them as well. In fact, I was able to get Chuck Buck to sign my teal blue one which makes it even more special than it already was.
If you like the Lightning, You will probably love the new design. I am not sure when it supposed to hit the market but we did a little tweeking to the blade shape. It looks great!
We are working our way through our in-process inventories on our current litning and all new parts will be in the system before the end of the year. Some changes will be rolling.

I carry a green two-tone litning with the ionfusion hardcote in zirconium. We call the color champagne and the combo of the green and champagne is really classy.

I have carried this knife since it's inception and have never understood why it has not taken off. It was introduced the same year as our Oddyssey and that knife is in our top ten...We are switching over to a new thumb stud that is so much more user friendly. Kind of a beehive shape. We are optimistic that the changes will give the litning a new lease on life...
I just picked up a blue/purple one for my Dad for Father's Day. I let my 3 year old pick the color from the SMKW website (she loves purple :) ). He usually carries around a tiny Browning lockback, so I thought this would be a nice gentle foray into modern designs for him. The traditional respected Buck name (he bought me a 110 when I was 16), mated with a liner lock, opening stud, and a really classy, non-tactical handle. His first observation - "Oh, the clip is removable". I pointed out that the clip would come in handy while wearing sweats, shorts, but I have a feeling that the Lightning is picking up pocket lint as we speak.

I love the blade shape, and the handle/lock are very solid, but the handle shape is kinda goofy. Most knives come with a quasi-guard in the handle to prevent slipping forward, the Lightning seems to INVITE slipping & cutting off a finger. It's stylish, but a little backwards as far as safety/ergos are concerned.