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Buck Lightning - review request

Feb 16, 1999
I own a Buck Odyssey and I'm very happy with that knife. It's just a little bit too big for every day carry (in my opinion). Therefore I am thinking of buying another Buck, the Lightning HTA 1. Any Forumite who has any experience with the this knife? What kind of steel is the blade made of?


Buck Odyssey I and II are ATS-34, the difference is in the handle (thermoplastic vs. G10). Lightning series is all 425M stainless, like the majority of their knives.
I'll just received my Lightning so I can give you my short evaluation of this knife. I bought the smaller one, HTA 1, with the semi serrated blade. Pewter coloured handle.

It is a rather small knife, but not too small. Very nice finish on the aluminum handle. Good solid feeling to it. I like this knife.

The opening is not as smooth as the Odyssey's but you can still flick it open quite easily. I think you can adjust this. I need to get smaller hex wrenches before I can try this though. Solid blade lock, does not collapse if you try to white knuckle it or tap the blade back. Easy to close the knife, even after the tests.

The edge:
The serrated part is sharp, one of my fingers learned this the hard way. Only a minor injury, no big deal. The plain edge part was not as sharp as I wanted it to be. One DMT moment later - sharper but still not as sharp as I would like it to be.
Hmmmm, maybe i need to practice my sharpening skills a bit, or...

I like this knife a lot. Great looks, fits my pocket very well, smooth action, solid feel to it. The new cobalt blue HTA 1 looks even better. If Buck only could make these with a ATS-34(or better) steel blade...

Time to go home and sharpen some more.


Comrade Chang,
Most Buck steel Is 420 HC not 425m. The 425m was used on the Bayonets,but most of the steel now is 420hc. 425m is basically 420hc w added moly.

I'm glad you like the Lightning. The large lightning is my daily carry. (of course mine is a one of a kind, just can't seem to carry the regular models. I like to be different.)

Jeff "A lucky guy who works @ a knife factory" Hubbard
Quality Supervisor
Buck Knives

Jeff "Without data it's just another opinion" Hubbard